Nov. 7th, 2011

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Wong! seems considerably better. Here's how that goes ... Wong! still wasn't doing enough input-output this morning, so I booked to see the V-E-T (who glories in the name of Mr Bone ). When we arrived, Mr Bone agreed that Wong! has lost a significantly more weight since we visited recently, and that's worrying given that Wong! seemed to be eating half or less than normal. Cue three-way struggle to get a blood sample from Wong!'s long, taut, panicky neck :-(

Guess what the first thing Wong! did when we got home - well, OK, the second thing after running around going "Wong! Wong! Wong!" for ten minutes? Eats the best meal we've seen since before the sickness started, then makes the most major output since same.

Fingers crossed that the blood tests come back clear, and it could just be a combination of feeling a bit post-tummy bug for 2+ weeks compounded by the excitement of knowing that Someone of the Kitten Persuasion is In The Library ...

G is now away for the next 3 evenings, so we had to see the V-E-T tonight. Le sigh!


purpletigron: In profile: Pearl Mackie as Bill Potts from Dr Who (Default)

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