Jul. 14th, 2011 07:38 am
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I seem to have spent all night being woke up by - mostly happy - kitties. Wobbly Kitty is starting to talk more, chirping with a Pip-pip-pip sound, so for now will go by the use-name of Pip!

Pip! likes to get into my armpit under the duvet in exactly the same place as Wong! ... although the inevitable hasn't yet happened. I think it was warm enough last night that Wong! didn't feel the need of the warm cave.

Pip! likes to sleep snuggled up against a monkey's face, on a pillow, it seems. No wonder being shut in the safe-room for the past few nights wasn't very popular!

Pip! also clearly loves to play, and came very close to playfully jumping on Wong! when I was trying to get 20 mins more sleep before the alarm this morning. So that all bodes well :-)

Wong! is very nearly half again bigger than Pip! in height, reach and weight, and not all that observant nor careful. But Pip! was very tolerant when Wong! didn't check before jumping on the bed just after Pip! had snuggled down between my ankles at the start of last night ... only a bit of hissing and a small dash, no swiping or walloping!

Oh, and at one point in the night when I did get off to sleep, I woke up in a very uncomfortable and contorted position - with Pip! asleep pushed up against the front of my knees, Wong! asleep pushed up against the back of my knees.

So I am very happy for them ... and very sleepy!!!
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