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It looks like the Flooger has an aggressive inoperable gut tumour, and we're into the stage of palliative care ... neither the Flooger nor the Wong! know this yet, of course. It could just be a matter of weeks or days now.

Had a scare yesterday, Mater fell forward on her head - but hospital scans & tests all came back clear, so she's recuperating back at the rest home. I hope to get to talk to her this afternoon - I'm at the tail end of a 'flu-like thing, so I'll see how I feel over the weekend before deciding when I'm well enough to visit her.

So we're all going to be resting & trying to recover our reserves this afternoon.

Because I was travelling the other way on the train this morning, I chanced to see a gorgeous stand of Lupinus plants in full flower ... a bit like this:

Our good wishes to you all with your personal roller-coasters ... what challenges are you grappling with? What helps to keep your spirits up?

Sick kitty

May. 7th, 2011 08:50 am
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The Boofy Flooger has got ill again in the past few days. We're investigating a possible recurrence of the pancreatitis, as the symptoms fit - wanting to eat but struggling to actually do so, apparent abdominal discomfort. Second V-E-T appointment just after noon today to look at test results and plan treatment ... Wong! is rather pent up and needing monkey-play whilst Uncle Boof! is hors de combat.

I did have a good aikido training session last night - Sensei said kind words, and invited me back to the 'advanced' class on Tuesday.

It is raining today, the first significant rain here for over 4 weeks which are usually vital for watering new crops :-)

Going to Pizza Express with Mater and my brother tomorrow, which I hope she can really enjoy. She has new Teva walking sandals, which I'm hoping will support her improving mobility!

Have to go with Mater to the Post Office on Monday to pass the security checks to get her post redirected. She has to give up the lease on her flat, and find a new long-term living arrangement.

So as you can see, my life is a roller-coaster again at the moment, with real highs and lows! May all your lows be short and shallow, and may all your highs be lofty and long! What's going well and what challenges are you facing?

Time to treat myself to nummy weekend breakfast now :-)
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The Boofer is doing well back at home - another check up tomorrow evening, 48 hours after discharge. The Wong! is still terrified of the hospital smell :-(
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Boofy Flooger continues in a positive direction, but remains in hospital.

The Wong! was almost hoarse with yelling by the time I got home, though - the extended loneliness is getting too much :-(

Wishing well for everyone caught up in difficult times today - although I'm only talking about cats, I have seen the news of riots, earthquakes and more.


Nov. 15th, 2010 11:03 am
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I think Wong! has put on a growth spurt. Does 33 in nose-to-tail and standing 10 in at the shoulder sound big?
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That's one of the few times I have ever been turned out at closing time from the Tun - great to see so many people after far too long!

News from me is ... very busy but still enjoying work; starting to really get the garden growing including successfully bringing my pear tree back from the dead (many, many thanks to all who helped with that miracle :-) ; Mater continues with her chronic illnesses but has recently enjoyed yoga, lunches and The Kung-Fu Kid at the cinema with us; The Boofy Flooger has turned 17 and is still stomping on, albeit with twice-daily medication - still occasionally delighting Wong! by wielding those skillful white paws to box the HUGE Wong-ears; D & G both doing pretty good ...

Am at the Permaculture Convergence this weekend, presenting to accredit at the end of three years work for a Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design - like a conference in a field, with a tree bog and computer projection :-)

Pants Cat!

Feb. 28th, 2010 09:35 am
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I finally got to see The Golden Compass last night (yes, I know): Will The Subtle Knife now ever be made by this team?

I do wish I had seen this at a cinema: it must have been gorgeous on the big screen. It was too short, too - far too little time to marvel at the alethio-steam-punk.

However, even more important: It was immediately obvious to me as I was watching the film that Wong! wants to be my daemon.

So from now on we will use the extra by-name, Pantalaimon, the all-loving ...

... which was immediately shortened to Pants Cat: found tail-up, scrabble down in the underwear drawer ...
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Well, the stress of Mater's current situation is obviously getting to me. I had a very bad bout of what I think is called 'night terror' last night - I was trapped in a nightmare half-conscious state, dreaming that there was something like a scene from Mad Max going on in the street below (home-made drag racers and motorcycles roaring up and down), yet I couldn't move or speak down the phone to call the police ... nor could I or G wake me up.

Also, hopefully a sign of feeling better, for the first time I can ever remember (and at around 02:00 - before all the night terrors kicked off), the Boofer came and sat on my full bladder and purred for nearly an hour before I dozed off, and with the softest, gentlest, fluffiest paw in the imaginable Universe on my nose I was woken up again ... it turns out that the prescription diabetes-management wet food which was initially TOTAL POO in the Boofiverse is the new favourite delicacy, and was vital at 02:00 this morning ... G apparently failed to pick up on these signals last evening, which may explain all the Boof! and Floog! the rules about begging for food when Uncle and Aunty Feedle are snooing.

Wong! was mostly good as gold, apart from precipitating some kitten bother on my tummy between the two incidents described above.

I predict that I will do a nose-dive and be sent home from work around lunch-time ...


May. 10th, 2009 04:04 pm
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I am feeling slightly better today.

The Flooger seems to feel almost back to normal, and quite content - he's going for a blood glucose check-up tomorrow.

The Wong! did a serious double-take when the strange smelly fluffy black and white cat walked straight past his back end just now!
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Wong! looked at the Flooger from barely 3 ft away this morning, and neither fizzed nor ran away - he merely twitched his ears. "Hang on - you look a bit like ... no, couldn't possibly be ... wait a minute ... do I know you?"

The Flooger is eating kitten kibble in portions of a dozen or so pieces, when offered at intervals of around an hour. That's a very respectable rate - he just needs to keep it up, and remember to eat without being prompted. He's also drinking freely - not sure if it's a diabetes level of 'too much'. The vet has asked for a check-up on Monday.

I am feeling marginally less wiped out and a little more intelligent.
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Story so far: )

Last night, when it was quiet, the Flooger ate a whole bowl of food! The vet would have allowed him home today, but his blood sugar measurements have been strangely level. So we are investigating the possibility that the diabetes is a secondary effect of the liver problem, which could itself have been caused by the Flooger suddenly going off his food for an as-yet known reason (apparently, that's why cats should not be put on a rapid weight-loss diet, as it causes liver problems for them).

The odds are that the Flooger will be sent home tomorrow, but we don't yet know whether that will be with or without an insulin prescription!

Sadness for the cat companion of strangers )

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