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I'm over-tired - my late night last night, but also...

Allotment fun )
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I jealously guarded my spoons yesterday, because the weather forecast was good for gardening.

Back to the allotment )
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Yesterday, we had a tasty lunch-n-pint at a local canal-side pub, then walked through the countryside for a few miles. It was sunny and comfortable. This morning, N & I gardened for an hour or three, and it was sunny and comfortable.

The forecast sleet and snow arrived this afternoon. Neat, eh?

My first allotment trip of the season, and I cycled on my folder too! I sowed "Red Epicure" (red, commercial seed) and "Crimson Flowered" (green, saved seed) broad beans, on opposite sides of our allotment (we hope to save seed of both). Our half-bed of "Aquadulce" (green, saved seed) hardy broad beens have over-wintered moderately well, but with the weather still unseasonably cold, we didn't wish to risk our rarer, more tender varieties too early. I look forward to a tasting in the early summer!

I also harvested self-seeded leeks. We're going to have stuffed mushrooms (from the Farmers Market) for dinner, and the leeks will be delicious in the stuffing.

The weather looks better tomorrow. G is on holiday - we're planning a gastro-beer-steam-walk day out along the Severn Valley Railway tomorrow.
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Mater, D and I mooched over to the regional award-winning Farmers Market yesterday. There were more craft stalls than I recall, but we concentrated upon food. Glorious displays of purple cauliflours, fluorescent yellow spiralling Romanesco calabrese, purple and gold Victoria plums, blush and green Discovery apples, and the red and purple hues of late-season berries. Also, huge quantities of pies, cakes, breads, and Mediterranean snacks. We came home laden with fruit, the vegetables for the last ratatouille of the year, and calzone-like pies filled with pumpkin, aubergine, leeks and spinach. Urp.

Four very over-ripe bananas and improvisation on the theme of the banana bread recipe from Laurel's Kitchen (insert flax egg :-) turned out deliciously light and moist.

Then into the garden to finally prune the rosemary, which finished flowering many weeks ago, and was trying to engulf both the path and the dustbin. It looks extremely neat surrounded by soil improver - composted green waste, which is a lovely dark, rich loam colour. Not sure I've actually pruned it sensibly, but there you go - we've saved the nicest tips for cooking, and attempts at rooting some others are also underway.

Today: Rest, as I'm still feeling viral, a little light pottering in the allotment whilst N re-plasters her lounge, and then dinner. There's a cry coming up for Chinese takeaway, so I get to find out whether they do 'bean curd' in N's local, I suspect...


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