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... at updating, sorry.

I'm training again in aikido, which keeps me busy & healthily tired some of the time. But my fitness is still very iffy, so lots of cycling needed too ...

Mater is out of hospital but has to learn to walk again (now making progress with a zimmer frame) & find a new long-term living arrangement. So you can guess that's busy for me too ...

The Flooger is remarkably cheerful given near-death experience earlier in the year (don't like to think how many of the 9 lives now burned) - but still struggling to maintain weight in the face of unstable diabetes & complications.

Trying to get back into the swing of work, after 3+ months of treading water due to persistent colds, being busy for Mater, 10 days of leave etc. Just about caught up on the backlog of routine stuff, need to start doing non-routine stuff!!

Garden developing well. Thanks to heroic support from D, my compost bins are finally near how they should be - moved, rebuilt, dug out, re-layered etc. But we've not had any rain for nigh on a month which in April is a serious problem. Bought another bucket today ...


Oct. 16th, 2010 04:10 pm
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So I've been away ... recovering from getting my Permaculture Diploma, hugging trees in Skye and opening chefs minds in London (!) I'm just enjoying my first weekend at home since all of that.

Mum literally hit a new low last month, and although she's medically much improved, she's got a lot of ground to cover with her psychological recovery from that. She has a new social worker, who has only just met her, and her rehab therapist is going to meet the social worker for the first time on Monday, so we have to see if anything positive will come from those relationships ... I'm really hoping that she will be well enough to enjoy Yule, but she has a lot of physiotherapy to do before then, too.

The Flooger continues to do pretty well, all things considered.

Meanwhile, D is helping me really get going on the next phase of our garden rehabilitation. We've done all the rest of the ground work today to enable us to create a brand new growing bed tomorrow, weather willing :-) I will be able to think four-dimensionally of gardeners toothsome treats with the vegetable seed catalogue again!
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I will be having an evening off tonight, as it takes three hours for me to visit Mater for 45 mins, due to the relative locations of work, home and hospital.

Last night, she was in a quieter women-only ward in the general hospital, but more agitated - I think because she is on milder pain medication. She had been wrongly noted as needing diabetic meals, so I got that sorted out. Still no news on a bed in the specialist unit. I will visit her again tomorrow, wherever she is at that point ..

Does anyone have a list of the specific medications implicated in this story: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/8357031.stm (Mater has never been diagnosed with dementia)?

I am hoping to get a little light gardening done this weekend, too!
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Mater, D and I mooched over to the regional award-winning Farmers Market yesterday. There were more craft stalls than I recall, but we concentrated upon food. Glorious displays of purple cauliflours, fluorescent yellow spiralling Romanesco calabrese, purple and gold Victoria plums, blush and green Discovery apples, and the red and purple hues of late-season berries. Also, huge quantities of pies, cakes, breads, and Mediterranean snacks. We came home laden with fruit, the vegetables for the last ratatouille of the year, and calzone-like pies filled with pumpkin, aubergine, leeks and spinach. Urp.

Four very over-ripe bananas and improvisation on the theme of the banana bread recipe from Laurel's Kitchen (insert flax egg :-) turned out deliciously light and moist.

Then into the garden to finally prune the rosemary, which finished flowering many weeks ago, and was trying to engulf both the path and the dustbin. It looks extremely neat surrounded by soil improver - composted green waste, which is a lovely dark, rich loam colour. Not sure I've actually pruned it sensibly, but there you go - we've saved the nicest tips for cooking, and attempts at rooting some others are also underway.

Today: Rest, as I'm still feeling viral, a little light pottering in the allotment whilst N re-plasters her lounge, and then dinner. There's a cry coming up for Chinese takeaway, so I get to find out whether they do 'bean curd' in N's local, I suspect...


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