Oct. 16th, 2010 04:10 pm
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So I've been away ... recovering from getting my Permaculture Diploma, hugging trees in Skye and opening chefs minds in London (!) I'm just enjoying my first weekend at home since all of that.

Mum literally hit a new low last month, and although she's medically much improved, she's got a lot of ground to cover with her psychological recovery from that. She has a new social worker, who has only just met her, and her rehab therapist is going to meet the social worker for the first time on Monday, so we have to see if anything positive will come from those relationships ... I'm really hoping that she will be well enough to enjoy Yule, but she has a lot of physiotherapy to do before then, too.

The Flooger continues to do pretty well, all things considered.

Meanwhile, D is helping me really get going on the next phase of our garden rehabilitation. We've done all the rest of the ground work today to enable us to create a brand new growing bed tomorrow, weather willing :-) I will be able to think four-dimensionally of gardeners toothsome treats with the vegetable seed catalogue again!
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Many thanks to The Cthulhoid One and G for efforts in the next step to implement our Household Permaculture Plan :-)

This is also a test of my new footer, courtesy of [personal profile] rosefox ... only visible at LJ [personal profile] purpletigron:
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Long time, no etc. Hope all's well chez vous?

Some new things with me & co.: Mater is starting to recover some ground in her convalescence after her 2 months in hospital last winter - we've been doing gentle yoga together once a week since June, for example. The Boofy Flooger is now 17, still doing OK with daily kidney & diabetes medications. I've submitted my Permaculture Portfolio, hopefully presenting for accreditation in the Diploma of Applied Permaculture Design in early September. D & G are working hard, doing OK. We're harvesting from the garden: poppyseeds, blackberries, onions, garlic, runner beans - with pears, carlin peas, kale & one apple to come - & almost time for the Garden Great Autumnal Renewal, with lots of groundwork, tidying, planting out & preparations.

Today, we're celebrating Mater's birthday & mine with a family trip to eat at Wagamama's & watch Jackie Chan's Karate Kid at the Torchwood centre :-)

Have also seen all of Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes, which was generally very impressive but culminating in the finale last night Spoilery stuff )
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This weekend, I got to play host to one! Huge thanks to E, M, K & D (G was convalescing).

About 20% of the scrubby grassed area of the garden - with a previously underlying thick layer of builders junk - has been transformed!

Roughly 30 rubble sacks full of broken glass shards, cement waste, discarded bits of plastic etc. resulted - half have gone to the Tip already.

One more day of de-panning, sifting, shovelling and applying compost will finish a wonderful, deep growing plot for annual vegetables.

My ultimate plan it to specialise in perennial plants - I already have a thriving colony of perennial leek.

This year, I will establish perennial broccoli and self-seeding greens - we picked up the seeds from the Royal Mail sorting office yesterday, including more lawn chamomile for our parking lawn. I want to get some perennial kale too.

Also, our sad old pear tree is being given one more chance - it's been thoroughly and carefully pruned to give it the best shot at regenerating this year.

Let's hear it for Co-operative Working Garden Parties!

(Also, I got a picture of some beautiful parrots on a card today - let's hope they're safely free-living ones!)
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I have just discovered this fascinating and thought-provoking series:

"As the start of a new agricultural year loomed in the autumn of 2003, five specialists attempted to turn back the clock to find out. They had to get to grips with a remarkable farm on the Welsh borders, restored to how it would have been in 1620, the reign of James I. For the previous 17 years an historical group had worked to restore the site - farmhouse and outbuildings put up using periods materials, orchards planted with fruit trees from the era, and contemporary crop varieties sown. Now a team of archaeologists and historians, Stuart Peachey, Ruth Goodman, Alex Langlands, Peter ‘Fonz’ Ginn, and Chloe Spencer, took on the challenge of running it for a full calendar year (each programme follows one month), using only tools and materials available in the 17th century."

Edit: Interesting comparisons can be made with the modern low-impact community of Steward Wood:
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I'm over-tired - my late night last night, but also...

Allotment fun )


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