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Mater has been accepted for an initial 4 weeks of rehabilitation at the specialist hospital, and should be moving there tomorrow. This will include psychiatric, physiotherapy and occupational therapy there, plus her wrist should come out of plaster back at the original Fracture clinic soon too. Also, the specialist rehab people are hopefully coming on Monday.

Also, they've started reducing some of her medications, and so far she seems more alert and LESS anxious ... which would be FULL OF WIN! if it continues.

Think I'm coming down with a cold, but that's OK in trade for these good steps :-)
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I was less tired and therefore more useful whilst visiting Mater today, as it was not at the end of a full working day. There's a lesson in that somewhere.

The last of her initial physical screening tests have come back negative.

The hospital have arranged a psychiatric review for her at the start of next week, which hopefully will reveal something useful.

The specialist hospital still don't yet have a bed for her.

Mater definitely did better with her physiotherapy with me today - a long way to go, but a little progress each day is all she needs, after all.

Very frustrating and upsetting all the same ... heartfelt apologies to all within wailing range.
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It turns out that Mater's new physiotherapist wishes to learn acupuncture but is currently very insecure in knowledge about it. After a long conversation, I've persuaded the physio that finding out what works can wait until something is actually working. So for the next month, Mater will have one acupuncture session each week on a day when she is not seeing the physio. Meanwhile, the physio will try to see Mater three times per week in the day clinic, for a structured course of physiotherapy, and high-frequency (pain-managing) TENS treatments. Much like my knees, Mater's muscular support for her back and hip region is very shaky, so the physiotherapy will start from a few simple strength-building exercises, to reduce the strain on injured sacro-illiac region.

I'm going to meet the physio and attend Mater's next consultation tomorrow, too.

This is a satisfactory outcome. No harsh words were exchanged :-)
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Backstory: Mater has a chronic hip problem, and was refered for physio in April. When she was in hospital for other reasons in May, the in-patient physiotherapist told her, "Don't do your exercises until I see you", and then never saw her again. When she came home, we resumed out-patient physio, and in July, Mater was signed off with a list of exercises and a recommendation to try massage and acupuncture. She is still in chronic pain. A day clinic physiotherapist took her exercises for review, and never saw her again Yesterday, she had her first acupuncture treatment, and was told to expect to see any positive results emerging by the end of the month.

Today, Mater's excellent named nurse was back from leave (Yay!), and arranged a proper consultation with yet another physiotherapist for this afternoon.

The new physiotherapist has not discussed the out-patient physio exercises with Mater at all, has told her to cancel all acupuncture appointments, and has treated Mater with a TENS machine.

I'm livid at the presumption! My plan: talk to the acupuncturist, who seems to have a good understanding of the Western science behind modern acupuncture. Then talk to the named nurse. If necessary, talk to the new physiotherapist.

But I need to know: are acupuncture and TENS treatment mutually exclusive in any way?

Edit I've found a hint that TENS works in a similar manner to massage, and differently from acupuncture. Our acupuncturist also offers massage, but considers that Mater's ~80% likely to benefit significantly acupuncture, and only ~20% likely to do so from ordinary massage. (The out-patient physio said that deep-tissue massage would be too painful and stressful for Mater at the moment).


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