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... at updating, sorry.

I'm training again in aikido, which keeps me busy & healthily tired some of the time. But my fitness is still very iffy, so lots of cycling needed too ...

Mater is out of hospital but has to learn to walk again (now making progress with a zimmer frame) & find a new long-term living arrangement. So you can guess that's busy for me too ...

The Flooger is remarkably cheerful given near-death experience earlier in the year (don't like to think how many of the 9 lives now burned) - but still struggling to maintain weight in the face of unstable diabetes & complications.

Trying to get back into the swing of work, after 3+ months of treading water due to persistent colds, being busy for Mater, 10 days of leave etc. Just about caught up on the backlog of routine stuff, need to start doing non-routine stuff!!

Garden developing well. Thanks to heroic support from D, my compost bins are finally near how they should be - moved, rebuilt, dug out, re-layered etc. But we've not had any rain for nigh on a month which in April is a serious problem. Bought another bucket today ...

All quiet?

Jan. 29th, 2010 12:57 pm
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This week has all been about work, sleep and trying to fight off a virus.

I've not been quite ill enough to stay off work, but not been quite strong enough to fight of the cold. So I've been struggling with woozy, dizzy, muggy head - and a suddenly 'urgent' project landing on my desk.

I really must try to get some me-time this weekend!


May. 29th, 2009 08:02 am
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The Flooger's diabetes is slowly and gently coming under control - we have to take blood tests every 6 hours still.

I am working all weekend, but at an outdoor festival - still gruelling, but at least I'll get plenty of vitamin D.

This is very cool: LeJog - http://www.benlovejoy.com/cycle/tripreports/lejog/
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What feeling? That feeling that Life wants more out of me than I have to give.

I feel wiped out by doing my duty - with nothing left for myself - and yet, with duties still undone.

I feel as if my only two choices are to push myself to collapse, or let everything else collapse now.

A key factor in all this exhaustion is the transfer of my mother's care from the hospital to the GP team. I've been failing for weeks to even get to speak to a member of my mother's new team. None of them seems to have a proper overview of her condition and her history any more, either.

One way in which I am my own worst enemy: I mis-pace myself at work, giving too much and leaving myself with too little for the rest of the week. But my best hours are 07:00 - 15:00 daily, and so-called 'normal full time hours' steal most of that time. I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that I now need at least one weekday per fortnight set aside from paid work for my unpaid caring work with my mother.

But my current employer has already declined a request from me for part-time working.


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