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2011-12-27 04:45 pm
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Snuggle lock - close up

Still not very clear, as we were using a iPhone 4S camera from a safe non-disturbing distance in poor light, but here you go ... this is what happens when you're having too much fun & you fall asleep in mid-rassle, it seems:

Dodge! gets Wong! in a Snuggle-lock )
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2011-12-16 08:00 am
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Life's rich tapestry

After 13 months of institutional living in four hospitals and two care homes, Mater is somewhat 'hitting the wall' after 2 weeks living back in a flat of her own. EditI am not going meet the disapproving GP today - luckily, one of the other GPs saw Mum yesterday, and is much more helpful. So I'm going to make a social call on Mum this morning, then do some festive things with D!

In edit other happier news, I've experienced a little miracle. At some point in the small hours, I woke up to feel Wong! creeping into the Warm Cave in my left armpit, whilst I could feel Pip! happily snoozing over my right shoulder - I knew Pip! was happy, because I was getting gentle happy claws in my jugular from time to time. Meanwhile, whilst all this was going on around my shoulders, I could feel there was still someone snoozing between my ankles!!!

Yes, the Dodge! has slept on the bed with us for the first time. In fact, I think all the time Wong! spent sleeping outside of the warm cave, was spent snuggled up with the Dodge! :-)
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2011-11-24 09:04 pm
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Dodge! and Wong! and Pip! ... Oh, my!

Dodge! decided this evening that the time has come to charge about all around downstairs.

Poor Wong! & Pip! have come upstairs for some peace ... Wong! occasionally ventures down, gets chased, chases back, panics, hisses & scarpers back upstairs again.

Interesting times :-)

I hope photos might be forthcoming this weekend ...
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2011-11-21 03:01 pm
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Cat dynamics

Interesting! By living in the library for three weeks whilst waiting for a clean bill of health, it seems that Dodge! has claimed that territory.

We have had the library door standing open for 6 hours, but Dodge! has not yet ventured out.

Meanwhile, Wong! has sat staring in from beyond the threshold for much of the morning - otherwise, Wong! has been Wong!ling & Bong!ling around the house in a state of excitement, or snuggling up with me (I'm fighting the end of 'flu) or creeping over the threshold, hissing & darting off again.

Pip! is also pretty excited, but again, respecting the 'invisible force field' across the library doorway marking the territory of the Dodge!

Our best guess is that Dodge! might venture out to explore in the dead of night when the Monkees (!) are asleep.
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2011-11-19 05:10 pm
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I, for one, welcome my feline over-lords

Dodge! has been given a clean bill of health, but is extremely pissed off. So we'll start with introducing Dodge! & Pip! tomorrow morning to see how that goes.

Wong! is still vague & absent-minded about eating without reminders - but is now eating well when reminders are given. So looking good on that front. But Wong! will Wanic! & Wiss! (that's Wong! for panic & hiss) on meeting a new feline (for up to a week) so let's let Dodge! & Pip! get to know one another a bit first ...

Hopefully, pictures will follow in the next week or three.