Nov. 21st, 2011

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Interesting! By living in the library for three weeks whilst waiting for a clean bill of health, it seems that Dodge! has claimed that territory.

We have had the library door standing open for 6 hours, but Dodge! has not yet ventured out.

Meanwhile, Wong! has sat staring in from beyond the threshold for much of the morning - otherwise, Wong! has been Wong!ling & Bong!ling around the house in a state of excitement, or snuggling up with me (I'm fighting the end of 'flu) or creeping over the threshold, hissing & darting off again.

Pip! is also pretty excited, but again, respecting the 'invisible force field' across the library doorway marking the territory of the Dodge!

Our best guess is that Dodge! might venture out to explore in the dead of night when the Monkees (!) are asleep.
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Question: Is it possible to re-enable a disconnected cable telephone line in the UK?


Mater has just rented a purpose-built flat with a phone socket in the corner of the lounge.

A series of frustrating phone calls has suggested that this phone socket is connected to a useless piece of obsolete string.

To translate - it appears this is some kind of cable telephone line (probably Virgin Media fibre optic) rather than a copper BT line.

Can someone who knows how this all works answer a simple question which Virgin Media, BT & other phone companies are all disagreeing over:

Can Mater get this in situ line re-activated, or is it a disposable piece of junk which has to be left for dead and replaced?

Supplementary question: if these kinds of cable telephone lines are one-use-only disposable tissues, why would you run one to a purpose-built rented flat, which is going to have a new tenant as often as every 6 months?


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