Nov. 14th, 2009 06:58 pm
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I have had a good day. I was able to get a lie-in today thanks to the iPod Shuffle acting as a brain-calmer (normally I'm far too restless when I wake up with all the thoughts of what is needing to be done). Also, D was warm :-)

I didn't need to leave until noon to visit Mater, so I had some me-time and a lovely hot shower too :-)

Mater was somewhat less muddle-headed today, and quite calm when it came for me to leave, so the visit was much more pleasant for us both than so often has been the case. Still waiting for a specialist bed, but both annoyingly and perhaps helpfully I have discovered that there is a commercial multimedia system available to be piped to her bed. Pricey, of course, but I have ordered it anyhow - hope it arrives quickly! in time for her to watch Mamma Mia! (her expressed preference) before she gets to move.

Then home to a delicious home-made-byD&G Mexican vegan feast, and the B5 ep Shadow Dancing (otherwise know as The One Before Za'Ha'Dum or The One Where Delenn and Sheridens Spend the Night (sic)).

... and so, to rest ... and gardening tomorrow, we hope!

(PS Apparently, Disney consider close-captioning to be a luxury bonus, and have removed it from the rental versions of their film, Up. I won't be going to see this film in the cinemas because of this, and I will be telling Disney that).
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The problem with having a diabetic cat who is very determined, and can get picky about food, is that the cat still has to eat so you can keep their blood glucose and insulin dose steady.

So if the cat takes a dislike to their diabetic management food, you can get yourself caught in an endless round of food-related blackmail with said cat ...

Le sigh.
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I have just discovered this fascinating and thought-provoking series:

"As the start of a new agricultural year loomed in the autumn of 2003, five specialists attempted to turn back the clock to find out. They had to get to grips with a remarkable farm on the Welsh borders, restored to how it would have been in 1620, the reign of James I. For the previous 17 years an historical group had worked to restore the site - farmhouse and outbuildings put up using periods materials, orchards planted with fruit trees from the era, and contemporary crop varieties sown. Now a team of archaeologists and historians, Stuart Peachey, Ruth Goodman, Alex Langlands, Peter ‘Fonz’ Ginn, and Chloe Spencer, took on the challenge of running it for a full calendar year (each programme follows one month), using only tools and materials available in the 17th century."

Edit: Interesting comparisons can be made with the modern low-impact community of Steward Wood:
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I'm probably about to have something appalling for lunch, like PBJ. But if you and I were about to have lunch together, I'm sure it would be better! Would you take me out ... where? what would you recommend? ... or would you make something for us, from your perfectly stocked larder?
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I'm seriously considering adopting a vegetarian diet from the New Year.
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The Campaign to pass a Children's Food Bill in the UK - likely success, or failure?
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World Calories

Taken from The Peters World Atlas, pub NI ISBN 0-9540499-5-0. Uses Peters equal-area projection. Data from the UN, analysis based upon FAO-WHO Consultative Group on Nutrition reports. Key: Calories per head per day. Red: 3500+ (excess); darkest pink: 3,000 - 3,500 (good); dark pink: 2,500 - 3,000 (adequate); pale pink: 2,000 - 2,500 (poor); palest pink < 2000 (insufficient). Energy needs vary with age.

Flickr can't post to this journal?! Oh, and Amazon is not the only fruit...
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Mater, D and I mooched over to the regional award-winning Farmers Market yesterday. There were more craft stalls than I recall, but we concentrated upon food. Glorious displays of purple cauliflours, fluorescent yellow spiralling Romanesco calabrese, purple and gold Victoria plums, blush and green Discovery apples, and the red and purple hues of late-season berries. Also, huge quantities of pies, cakes, breads, and Mediterranean snacks. We came home laden with fruit, the vegetables for the last ratatouille of the year, and calzone-like pies filled with pumpkin, aubergine, leeks and spinach. Urp.

Four very over-ripe bananas and improvisation on the theme of the banana bread recipe from Laurel's Kitchen (insert flax egg :-) turned out deliciously light and moist.

Then into the garden to finally prune the rosemary, which finished flowering many weeks ago, and was trying to engulf both the path and the dustbin. It looks extremely neat surrounded by soil improver - composted green waste, which is a lovely dark, rich loam colour. Not sure I've actually pruned it sensibly, but there you go - we've saved the nicest tips for cooking, and attempts at rooting some others are also underway.

Today: Rest, as I'm still feeling viral, a little light pottering in the allotment whilst N re-plasters her lounge, and then dinner. There's a cry coming up for Chinese takeaway, so I get to find out whether they do 'bean curd' in N's local, I suspect...
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I ascribe my slight nerves at heading to London yesterday to Mater repeatedly observing, "There's bombs there!" before I left. I was surprisingly nervous when a young Muslim man put a large suitcase in the rack over my head, and sat down opposite me. So I engaged him in conversation - and he turned out to be on sabbatical to help run a federation of Islamic student societies. He is organising a campaign of outreach and community collaborations. We talked for 2 hours about our different perspective on why people should show compassion, ranging from examining the Big Bang to considering public nudity legislation!

R met me at Marylebone, and we skipped off to Drummond Stret for the most awesome vegetarian Gujerati buffet lunch at the Diwana Bhel Puri House. Then we rode the Victoria Line to Blackhorse Lane and visited the Handweavers Studio, and browsed and resisted temptation and I bought some weaving tablets.

Then back to Seven Sisters, to look for party offerings. Despite drinking profusely at lunchtime (including a teeth-rottingly sweet mango lassi) I was parched, so I indulged in a virgin pina colada (pineapple-coconut juice :-). We also stopped in a cafe so R could get a diet cola, and I had a bottle of water ... which turned out to be imported from Turkey. The cafe owners started smoking, although the smell was masked by incense burners. Ugh.

R bought a hefty watermelon, and we arrived at [ profile] fjm's just a whisker before 16:00, to find [ profile] chilperic doing the door welcoming, and [ profile] purplecthulhu in hot pursuit behind us :-) R was suitably impressed by the awesome SF collection (nearly fainted with delight, I reckon) and Queen Potchka was suitably fawned upon, all in the quiet before the main bulk of partiers descended. Potchka will soon be offered fealty by a new feline subject, who is much in need of sanctuary - let us all hope that she accepts! G arrived around 17:30 (having been relieved by brother J), by which time fabulous food and drink was flowing freely, and animated conversation also.

D & I turned into pumpkins around 21:30, so we dispersed, with G and I arriving home before midnight to Mater's great relief.

Thank you, all, for my Grand Day Out!
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Can anyone recommend an awesomely strong peppermint ice cream, either available in the UK or a recipe?


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