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I have a strong dislike of party politics.

I've just applied to join The Green Party of England and Wales.

I think that (party) politics are going to 'make-or-break' our response to the approaching, overwhelming environment-related crises.
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The UK is having an unseasonal cold snap, and may experience extremely cold weather (-20 C) in January. Our housing stock is largely underinsulated. How can we organise to address this?

On the neighbourhood level, people should be supplied with cheap infrared cameras. A comprehensive survey of every house on every street will reveal the areas and individual buildings which have extreme heat loss rates.

Working from the extremes: people living in very high heat loss buildings should be rapidly supported to improve their insulation; people living in very low heat loss buildings should be divided into (i) those with excellent insulation, and (ii) those not heating their houses adequately. Those with excellent insulation should supported to rapidly spread their best practice, those with inadequate heating should have their insulation checked and be advised on good heating practice.


Nov. 17th, 2005 09:25 am
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And a serious slap in the face to the Bush and Blair Administrations*, if it's for real:

Hydrogen-enhanced trucks: http://www.wired.com/news/autotech/0,2554,69529,00.html?tw=rss.TOP - Canadian technology!

* "...eliminating the need for high-pressure, cryogenic storage tanks or hydrogen filling stations, which, by the way, don't yet exist. ... It will take at least until 2040 before fuel cells begin to reduce greenhouse gas emissions ... We vehemently disagree with governments picking the fuel cell as the single path to a cleaner environment"
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"A Discussion Initiated by the Evangelical Environmental Network & Creation Care Magazine because transportation is a moral issue."



Nov. 2nd, 2005 11:00 am
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I don't "have the technology" ... is this any good??? :-)
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Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change )

“I am delighted to be taking on the challenge of conducting this review of the economics of climate change. Climate change is one of the most serious issues facing the world in the 21st century. In order to tackle it whilst also promoting a dynamic, equitable and sustainable global economy, we will need to have a deep understanding of the economics of this complex problem. That is what I hope this Review can achieve”

Call for evidence
Sir Nicholas is today asking interested stakeholders in the UK and the rest of the world, including academic, private sector, scientific, NGO and other experts, to submit evidence to the Review. Evidence on all areas relevant to the Terms of Reference will be welcomed. The deadline for evidence to be submitted is 9 December 2005.

Submissions should be sent to the review team at:


Submissions may be published unless a specific request is made for them to remain private.

Notes for Editors )

Annex: Terms of Reference for the Stern Review )
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Scientists fear that the Arctic has now entered an irreversible phase of warming which will accelerate the loss of the polar sea ice that has helped to keep the climate stable for thousands of years.
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Ah, those ultra-left-wing Scandanavians!

By Alister Doyle, Reuters Environment Correspondent

"Spending to protect the environment, from coral reefs to forests, can bring big returns to aid a worldwide assault on poverty, a U.N.-backed report said on Wednesday. The study, coinciding with a summit of world leaders in New York, even suggested that forests may be more valuable when left standing rather than being cleared for crops because trees can absorb the heat-trapping gases widely blamed for global warming.

"The environment...is not a luxury good, only affordable when all other problems have been solved," said Klaus Toepfer, head of the U.N. Environment Programme (UNEP) which was among 30 international groups behind the report.

The study estimated that annual investments of $60-$90 billion in the environment over 10-15 years were needed to reach a world goal of halving the proportion of humanity living on less than a dollar a day, currently more than a billion people. [...]"
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NCPA Study Shows Living With Climate Change is Less Costly, More Beneficial

'Contact: Richard W. Walker of the National Center for Policy Analysis, 800-859-1154 ext. 13 or 214-507-4610 (cell) or richard.walker@ncpa.org

DALLAS, Sept. 14 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Trying to stop global warming imposes huge costs and provides very few benefits, according to a study authored by a Bush Administration analyst and released today by the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA).

"Living with global warming costs a fraction of what it would take to stop it," said Indur Goklany, author of the NCPA study. "The costs of trying to prevent global warming far exceed any benefits of doing so for the foreseeable future." [...]'

My comments: [1] Credible analyses of the costs of preventing global climate change, which take into account wealth creation from sustainable technologies, find that it is very affordable. [2] Those who are least financially able to adapt to climate change tend to be those who are most likely to suffer the worst effects.
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Clarkson Pie

'Jeremy Clarkson was hit with a pie after picking up an honorary degree ... [he] was heard to say "great shot" when hit by the pie.

"I do have a disregard for the environment. I think the world can look after itself and we should enjoy it as best we can."'
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"In a surprise intervention, [the RAC] said one in five car journeys were under 1.5 miles and therefore unnecessary. 'You could easily walk, cycle, take the bus without putting yourself at any great hardship,' said Edmund King, executive director of the RAC Foundation.
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Vegetation Growth May Quickly Raise Arctic Temperatures

'WASHINGTON -- Warming in the Arctic is stimulating the growth of vegetation and could affect the delicate energy balance there, causing an additional climate warming of several degrees over the next few decades. A new study indicates that as the number of dark-colored shrubs in the otherwise stark Arctic tundra rises, the amount of solar energy absorbed could increase winter heating by up to 70 percent. ...

In addition, the increasing shrub cover would impact more than just the energy balance in the Arctic. With nearly 40 percent of the world's soil carbon is stored in Arctic soils, any change in vegetation and energy is likely to trigger a response in the Arctic carbon budget. ... '

We don't have 'a few degrees' (even Farenheit) to spare in terms of 'climate chaos'.
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We are already committed to a 2 deg C increase in global average temperatures. The climate change consequences will include lethal heatwaves, devastating floods and droughts, steady rises in sea levels and disruption to the Gulf Stream. To avoid worse, we immediately need a global energy strategy - otherwise, with technology as the engine, the market as the propellor, but without strategy as a rudder, we might all end up in New Orleans.

An affordable portfolio of possible actions to reduce carbon dioxide emissions over the next 50 years, which combine to avert the worst of global climate change:
  • Buildings - increase energy efficiency by 25%
  • Double vehicle fuel efficiency
  • Capture C02 from 800 GW of coal burning power stations
  • Reverse tropical deforestation by 300 Mha
  • 2000 GW of wind power.
  • 150 km2 of solar PV.
  • Biofuels from 200Mha.
(the last three to replace equivalent fossil fuel burning).

Notes from a talk by John Houghton: )
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"Hurricane Katrina was a natural disaster, but the flood wasn't. ... The money to prepare for something like this years in advance went to Iraq, and the National Guard to clean up after it went to Iraq too. The flood is "man-made."

... Katrina is just what the hurricane is called for short. Its real name was "global [climate change]"

I do not like to feel powerless against this. I want to do whatever I can to make a difference. Red Cross donations after the fact are not enough because they do nothing for the next Katrina (aka Global [Climate Change])."


"The purpose of this site is to provide at least one small lifestyle change per day that liberals can make to support the liberal agenda."

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"However, even non-liberals might find themselves agreeing with some of the ideas posted on the site. Debate is encouraged, but trolls will be banned."


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