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Mater and I met at yoga today, for the first time since she was hospitalized in November. She did the entire 1.5 hour 'Gentle' class, and said she wants to do yoga again next Monday. This makes me happy!

Our Flooger has also reached 17 years of age in reasonable comfort ... twice-daily medication for diabetes and kidney disease seem to be keeping the Boof!er feeling boofy. Wong! continues to adore Boof!
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I celebrated the middle of the week this week with a lovely gentle half-hour yoga and relaxation class - this is a habit I could happily form :-)

Dinner is done and dusted, which suits my metabolism (by 8pm, I'm too tired to be hungry, and by 9pm, it's bed-time) ... just a little light Flooger-molestation (in the form of his blood tests and insulin injections) left on my To-Do list tonight. (Obviously, lots of things like 'stepping on the cats' permanently on my To-Don't list).

Hopefully, Mater's Citizen Advocate was able to visit and talk with her today - and hopefully, Graze will successfully deliver a selection of fresh and dried fruits to Mater's bed tomorrow (and she'll enjoy the benefits of eating them).

I'm also writing a few Christmas cards ...

Mater news!

Dec. 2nd, 2009 12:16 pm
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Mater's review visit finally happened in the hospital this morning, and I should hear more later ...

I'm going to a yoga workshop this evening :-)
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Mater still on general ward awaiting specialist bed. I will go and visit her tonight. The physiotherapist and occupational therapist should be visiting, but she is still very worried/scared and inclined toward behaving bed-ridden/paralysed :-(

Very good yoga class last night - the penultimate one of the introductory course which I've been doing. At this rate, once I've thrown off my cold and can get back to some more vigorous exercise as well, I stand to be in the best overall physical condition that I've ever been. (I also think I slept better last night than the few nights before, FWIW.)

D coming home tonight, G tomorrow night, my brother J back in the UK on Saturday, and a good friend moving up this way next year ... lots to be happy about!
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Mater made it to her second yoga session today.

As some of you know, I have started going to this yoga school regularly - I've signed up for their Foundation course on Wednesdays, as I am finding it so useful (keeping me active when I'm not well enough to cycle or train in Aikido, teaching me some very pertinent relaxation techniques etc.)

My yoga teacher has arranged for her Gentle Yoga class to be on Monday mornings, so I am able to help Mater get started with it.

One of Mater's carers went and fetched her by taxi, so I could go straight to the class and meet them there. The carer also decided to try the class, and really enjoyed it, and goes free as a carer anyhow. Then the carer took Mater home by taxi, which is just in time for her lunch.

The yoga teacher said Mater was definitely less tense than in her first class (which was about 2 months ago now). The yoga teacher is very confident that she can help Mater, at least to regain a little bit of her mobility, and possibly, to become a little better at using relaxation techniques in her life.

So Mater and I are planning to go along next week, and I think the carer is keen to do the class again too.

This is all VERY GOOD NEWS :-)

After that lovely, successful and actually relaxing session, I did have to go to the dentist, for a somewhat uncomfortably hygienist session - but the breathing exercises helped with that :-)
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I've started taking drop-in classes at the yoga school based near my office reasonably frequently.

The teacher is also a friend,but she is very good at what she does. The style is strong on relaxation exercises, which are already proving very helpful to me. Yes, I did briefly drop off to sleep in the relaxation at the end of class on Saturday!

This is the same teacher who was so good with Mater last month. So when she launches her new timetable later this month, I hope that Mater will be able to start attending regularly with the support of her carers.

For me, well - this style of yoga is much easier to do at your own pace, and in your own time away from the classes, than is the style of aikido I've been following. So this is perfect when I don't have the stamina for aikido (like, the past year ... wail).

There going to be a 12 week course in the new yoga timetable, and I hope that I can take it.

Meanwhile, tonight is the last chance I get to go to an aikido class before October ... if I feel well enough, but I've got the sniffles, a sore throat and slight sore lymph nodes again. This has been going on for ... well, weeks at least, if not months. Every time I start to feel properly well again, and I test my stamina with something like a cycle ride, the cold-like symptoms slink back. Any helpful suggestions for throwing this thing off completely, gratefully received!


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