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The Flooger is still in hospital - not only with blood sugar still unstable, but after a 'dizzy spell' this morning, which seems to also be associated with anaemia :-( So still a watching brief ... just going for a visit now.

We've had a reasonably rapid and positive response from the hospital about our concerns with Mater's possibilities for rehabilitation :-) Lots to do before this becomes a sustained programme of positive action, however ...

First purple buddleia flowers spotted yesterday :-)
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Both considerably better than might have been expected!

Flooger still on fluids, but blood sugar is stabilizing again - we might be starting to understand the problem there. Other numbers now less scary, too.

Mater very pleased to see me & I have set up her bedside phone system so I can ring her from now on :-)

Now to flop out and recuperate myself!

I hope all your difficult situations can take some kind of turn for the better too ... here's to restful and happy weekends as far as possible for all.


Jun. 17th, 2011 08:51 am
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Boofy Flooger spent a comfortable night in hospital on drips and intra-muscular insulin, and they have managed to stabilize the blood sugar for now.

But liver, kidney and pancreas all worsening, and we don't currently have a way of keeping the Flooger stable and comfortable at home.

More news later on today ... Wong! is very clingy and confused, but OK when we're around.

Meanwhile, Mater also in a very bad way in hospital, off to do battle on her behalf there this morning.
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So, are the BBC going to be showing the complete run of Sarah Jane Adventures over the summer, whilst Dr Who is 'on hiatus'? And if not, why not? ;-)

Live continues to be the paradoxical mix of emotions - our Flooger seems bright and perky, despite being on numerous medications (two 'serious' ones, various 'digestive palliatives' that any octogenarian human might need).

Mater is bed-ridden in yet another hospital - same saga, admitted after falling, injuries minor but underlying conditions the kicker. We are drafting a letter to try to blast the health professionals into a new, more helpful mode.

Although I slightly strained a muscle in my back doing aikido this week & got soundly whacked on my right little finger by a very good friend in class this morning, I'm generally very happy with how my training is progressing :-))) I'm booked for Summer School & looking at logistics for a train trip to France next year to accompany my Sensei on a teaching trip.

We've bought our tickets for the most local folk festival later in the summer, too.

Work is work - I love my job, but they wouldn't call it 'work' if it wasn't sometime challenging :-)

And stuff like that!
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It looks like the Flooger has an aggressive inoperable gut tumour, and we're into the stage of palliative care ... neither the Flooger nor the Wong! know this yet, of course. It could just be a matter of weeks or days now.

Had a scare yesterday, Mater fell forward on her head - but hospital scans & tests all came back clear, so she's recuperating back at the rest home. I hope to get to talk to her this afternoon - I'm at the tail end of a 'flu-like thing, so I'll see how I feel over the weekend before deciding when I'm well enough to visit her.

So we're all going to be resting & trying to recover our reserves this afternoon.

Because I was travelling the other way on the train this morning, I chanced to see a gorgeous stand of Lupinus plants in full flower ... a bit like this:

Our good wishes to you all with your personal roller-coasters ... what challenges are you grappling with? What helps to keep your spirits up?

Briefly ...

May. 8th, 2011 10:45 am
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Flooger decidely more comfortable after 24 hours of treatment ... need to keep on with these improvements, though.

Nearly time for Pizza Express trip with Mater :-)

Sick kitty

May. 7th, 2011 08:50 am
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The Boofy Flooger has got ill again in the past few days. We're investigating a possible recurrence of the pancreatitis, as the symptoms fit - wanting to eat but struggling to actually do so, apparent abdominal discomfort. Second V-E-T appointment just after noon today to look at test results and plan treatment ... Wong! is rather pent up and needing monkey-play whilst Uncle Boof! is hors de combat.

I did have a good aikido training session last night - Sensei said kind words, and invited me back to the 'advanced' class on Tuesday.

It is raining today, the first significant rain here for over 4 weeks which are usually vital for watering new crops :-)

Going to Pizza Express with Mater and my brother tomorrow, which I hope she can really enjoy. She has new Teva walking sandals, which I'm hoping will support her improving mobility!

Have to go with Mater to the Post Office on Monday to pass the security checks to get her post redirected. She has to give up the lease on her flat, and find a new long-term living arrangement.

So as you can see, my life is a roller-coaster again at the moment, with real highs and lows! May all your lows be short and shallow, and may all your highs be lofty and long! What's going well and what challenges are you facing?

Time to treat myself to nummy weekend breakfast now :-)
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... at updating, sorry.

I'm training again in aikido, which keeps me busy & healthily tired some of the time. But my fitness is still very iffy, so lots of cycling needed too ...

Mater is out of hospital but has to learn to walk again (now making progress with a zimmer frame) & find a new long-term living arrangement. So you can guess that's busy for me too ...

The Flooger is remarkably cheerful given near-death experience earlier in the year (don't like to think how many of the 9 lives now burned) - but still struggling to maintain weight in the face of unstable diabetes & complications.

Trying to get back into the swing of work, after 3+ months of treading water due to persistent colds, being busy for Mater, 10 days of leave etc. Just about caught up on the backlog of routine stuff, need to start doing non-routine stuff!!

Garden developing well. Thanks to heroic support from D, my compost bins are finally near how they should be - moved, rebuilt, dug out, re-layered etc. But we've not had any rain for nigh on a month which in April is a serious problem. Bought another bucket today ...


Feb. 20th, 2011 10:28 am
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Hello, world! In between fighting off a coldy-throat-infectiony thing, supporting our now-Venerable Kitty with pancreatitis-with-complications, and trying to support Mater to find a new living situation, I'm trying to get some kind of account set up so that I can use iChat.

I have a Powerbook G4 running Mac OS X 10.5 - and iChat runs.

However, I have apparently set up 'the wrong kind of Apple ID', which has a dot in it and thus doesn't work as an iChat id. I can't change my Apple ID to not have a dot because it has to be the same as my third-party email address.

I apparently have an old AIM account for which I cannot recover the password.

Please, is there a simple *free* way - perhaps for me to set up a mac.com email? - where I can set up a (free) account and start iChatting?

Thanks in advance for help on this!

Hope to see some of you at Eastercon, if it actually is going ahead in Birmingham - any news on that hotel-block issue?
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I forgot that Diwali is New Year too - it falls on Fri 5 Nov 2010, corresponding with the new moon :-)

Mater should be discharged from hospital home to her own flat on Monday now, hopefully to a comprehensive transitional care package which will help her get metaphorically as well as physically back on her feet.
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Been busy ... still trying to get caught up at work after my Skye holiday, trying to support Mater in recovering from her recent apparently over-medication-induced hospitalisation, and helping with preparations for the Brum Beer Fest Vegan Bar, and the West Midlands Vegan Festival just up the rail in Wolverhampton (http://www.midlandsveganfestival.org.uk/), both this week.

The Brum CAMRA Fest opened yesterday, and is outstanding :-) If you like real ale, I'd recommend a trip down tomorrow: http://www.birminghambeerfestival.co.uk/ There's a large LocAle bar, dedicated Wye Valley and Purity bars, and 120 ales on the main bar! in a lovely venue, the Second City Suite at the bottom of Hurst St, just 15 mins walk from the railway station.

Best of all for me, there are 20 vegan ales, all but one on a dedicated Vegan Bar which I worked staff on after work last night, and will staff for most of today as well. Lots of interest from 'tickers' (who try to taste a half-pint of every real ale produce, so an unfined version of an ale counts as a new one! :-) and real ale enthusiasts - I would argue that unfined, slightly hazy ale is more traditional, dating from the days before glass beer mugs - and anyone familiar with the brews of Marble, Spectrum (yes, they do a Captain Scarlet ale and it's on the Vegan Bar :-), Liverpool Organic, Outstanding, Marstons (who've sent EPA with their new vegan-friendly Fast Cask method) as well as vegetarians, vegans and our friends :-)
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Mater took a tumble on Tuesday, and is only slowly recovering. It's not entirely clear which of her symptoms are cause and which effect at this point. But nothing broken this time at least.

Sunday is the climax of a big piece of paid work for me - anyone in the UK who can watch the Great North Run on Sunday might catch a glimpse of why (no, I don't run :-)

The summer is definitely drawing to a close, and I'm looking forward to going again to tend the trees I've been helping to plant over the last 3 springtimes.

My new year's resolution is definitely going to be to spend more time outside and around trees ... something about 'nobody ever said on their deathbed, I wish I had spent more time stuck indoors'.
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That's one of the few times I have ever been turned out at closing time from the Tun - great to see so many people after far too long!

News from me is ... very busy but still enjoying work; starting to really get the garden growing including successfully bringing my pear tree back from the dead (many, many thanks to all who helped with that miracle :-) ; Mater continues with her chronic illnesses but has recently enjoyed yoga, lunches and The Kung-Fu Kid at the cinema with us; The Boofy Flooger has turned 17 and is still stomping on, albeit with twice-daily medication - still occasionally delighting Wong! by wielding those skillful white paws to box the HUGE Wong-ears; D & G both doing pretty good ...

Am at the Permaculture Convergence this weekend, presenting to accredit at the end of three years work for a Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design - like a conference in a field, with a tree bog and computer projection :-)
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Long time, no etc. Hope all's well chez vous?

Some new things with me & co.: Mater is starting to recover some ground in her convalescence after her 2 months in hospital last winter - we've been doing gentle yoga together once a week since June, for example. The Boofy Flooger is now 17, still doing OK with daily kidney & diabetes medications. I've submitted my Permaculture Portfolio, hopefully presenting for accreditation in the Diploma of Applied Permaculture Design in early September. D & G are working hard, doing OK. We're harvesting from the garden: poppyseeds, blackberries, onions, garlic, runner beans - with pears, carlin peas, kale & one apple to come - & almost time for the Garden Great Autumnal Renewal, with lots of groundwork, tidying, planting out & preparations.

Today, we're celebrating Mater's birthday & mine with a family trip to eat at Wagamama's & watch Jackie Chan's Karate Kid at the Torchwood centre :-)

Have also seen all of Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes, which was generally very impressive but culminating in the finale last night Spoilery stuff )
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... but I'm up late because the diabetic kitty has a tummy bug, so I've been nursing him. He seems to be perking up & I'm just about to dose him with antibiotics & then retreat to snooze.

Mater has been to five Monday morning gentle yoga sessions in a row now, so this is definitely starting to look like more than a fluke :-)

And I've been told I'm ready to submit my Portfolio to accredit for my Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design at the end of July!

So, some good things ...
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Mater and I met at yoga today, for the first time since she was hospitalized in November. She did the entire 1.5 hour 'Gentle' class, and said she wants to do yoga again next Monday. This makes me happy!

Our Flooger has also reached 17 years of age in reasonable comfort ... twice-daily medication for diabetes and kidney disease seem to be keeping the Boof!er feeling boofy. Wong! continues to adore Boof!
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I met with Mater's rehab guy this morning, and his assessment was pretty upbeat. He reckons that Mater's existing carers are taking on board the training he's given them, so he won't need to send in his specialist staff for now, which saves us money. We're going to review again in two months, but we agreed there's definitely signs already that she's responding to the therapy.

A lot of it is very similar to things I've been trying to get her to take on board all along. But I can see that the relationship dynamic is both critical, and very different between rehab guy and Mater than it is between Mater and I!

So ... striking rail* workers willing ... I should be able to relax a little more on holiday on Skye next week ...

* Train is just about our only option: we don't drive, I don't fly, D barfs on coaches, that would be complex bit of hitching for novices ...
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Productive day at work, with seemingly some real progress, and certainly, some impressed noises from my managers.

I had two hours of lieu time this afternoon, taken as gardening leave: we're now filling the new flower beds at the Yoga Ashram with soil :-)

The Flooger! has been rather off his food since starting on his kidney disease medication last week, which was very worrying. However, today his appetite seems to have suddenly returned. Given that he seemed unable to smell the strongest 'appetizing food enhancer spray' the other day, I'm wondering if he's had a cold?

N's birthday present as finally arrived, and is much appreciated: a lemon tree to grow in their polytunnel - it even arrived with a lemon ready to eat. I will get to see it on Tuesday 6 April ... train workers willing ...

D's home and we had 'rapid dinner' centred on a new kind of Fairtrade cashew nut veggie burgers (worth the risk as all the monkeys here love cashews), and they've been voted 'definitely worth buying again' (Goodlife brand).

I'm definitely feeling fitter than I have since ... well, last time I visited N, back in September, before I got 'gastric flu'. So I've been doing more ... so I'm more tired. _Yawn_ ... very nearly time for bed.

Going to see Mater tomorrow - hopefully, for a potter about, and watching Billy Elliot the movie, which is one of the many aspects of modern culture that have thusfar passed me by. Then, more ashram gardening.
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Good day today - was on a community radio station this morning for work, and they've invited me back and a friend emailed to say I sounded good on air ;-)

Watched, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" with Mater this afternoon - she'd never seen it, she picked out the DVD, and she was calm and happy all the way through the film. Perfect :-)

And so, to bed ... with Pants Cat until D wants to swap in ...
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I've just had a proper chat to the Duty Social Worker (and have their mobile phone number too, not just a switchboard that is always engaged ... bwa-ha-ha)

I've explained how Mater slipped through all the gaps in their systems. I've explained that Mater isn't suddenly in full health just because she's been in hospital, and discharged home again.

We're getting the Direct Payments resumed, 5+ weeks late. We're getting a care re-assessment done too.

At last!


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