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I met with Mater's rehab guy this morning, and his assessment was pretty upbeat. He reckons that Mater's existing carers are taking on board the training he's given them, so he won't need to send in his specialist staff for now, which saves us money. We're going to review again in two months, but we agreed there's definitely signs already that she's responding to the therapy.

A lot of it is very similar to things I've been trying to get her to take on board all along. But I can see that the relationship dynamic is both critical, and very different between rehab guy and Mater than it is between Mater and I!

So ... striking rail* workers willing ... I should be able to relax a little more on holiday on Skye next week ...

* Train is just about our only option: we don't drive, I don't fly, D barfs on coaches, that would be complex bit of hitching for novices ...
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Can someone find me something definitive on this? I don't really know where to look.

A junior manager at work says that a recent court ruling means that employees under English law are allowed to re-claim booked days of holiday if they fall sick enough on that day that they would have had to have time off work. Our HR clerk thinks this is obviously fair.

Our CEO is prepared to consider the facts, but neither the junior manager nor the clerk have provided any substantial evidence.

I had assumed that if you were ill on holiday, it was tough luck unless you were lucky enough to have a relevant clause in your contract.
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I had fabulous dim sum with [livejournal.com profile] fjm and all, and next day travelled down to Maidstone. I prefer camping with fewer than 4500 people, especially when the majority are teenagers - but much fun and relaxation and thought-provokation was had: I've made lots of new friends, some of whom I might even meet again IRL. I spoke bad French to three Senegalese, and mostly understood their fluent French replies; and learned to say "one hundred and thirty pancakes" in Finnish (I promptly forgot it, of course); and spent 2 hours lifting up and down a huge, fiendishly complex marble run made of plastic water pipes (a metaphor for international aid for water and sanitation); and watched lots of amazing solar-powered movies; and had a 'hot date' watching Latin American bands and dancing, and swore at a drunk parent who turned on 'Parklife' at 03:30; and walked miles to the nearest payphone (1 hour round trip, partly through woods, most days); and. and ... :-)


Jul. 29th, 2005 04:15 pm
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That was the sound of another week flying by... G's doing holidays-at-home this week. Traditional pleasure - cooking a huge pile of curry, and then eating it with beer and a DVD. This time, daal sabzi (green split peas with vegetables) and The Incredibles (in Hindi with Hindi subtitles if you wish :-) G's going to our local independent beer retailer when they open again this evening, to restock.

Whilst up the village for physio and pills, I chatted to the local The Big Issue vendor, who was on a bus in Sparkbrook when the tornado struck! The driver stopped, and the bus waved from side to side whilst bits of trees and advertising signboards flew past. It all died down again within a minute or two, but the wing mirrors of the bus had been ripped off, and the engine cover dragged open and bent.

I've not seen any maps of the affected area, but it appears to cover Kings Heath, Moseley, Balsall Heath and Sparkbrook.


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