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So, are the BBC going to be showing the complete run of Sarah Jane Adventures over the summer, whilst Dr Who is 'on hiatus'? And if not, why not? ;-)

Live continues to be the paradoxical mix of emotions - our Flooger seems bright and perky, despite being on numerous medications (two 'serious' ones, various 'digestive palliatives' that any octogenarian human might need).

Mater is bed-ridden in yet another hospital - same saga, admitted after falling, injuries minor but underlying conditions the kicker. We are drafting a letter to try to blast the health professionals into a new, more helpful mode.

Although I slightly strained a muscle in my back doing aikido this week & got soundly whacked on my right little finger by a very good friend in class this morning, I'm generally very happy with how my training is progressing :-))) I'm booked for Summer School & looking at logistics for a train trip to France next year to accompany my Sensei on a teaching trip.

We've bought our tickets for the most local folk festival later in the summer, too.

Work is work - I love my job, but they wouldn't call it 'work' if it wasn't sometime challenging :-)

And stuff like that!

Sick kitty

May. 7th, 2011 08:50 am
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The Boofy Flooger has got ill again in the past few days. We're investigating a possible recurrence of the pancreatitis, as the symptoms fit - wanting to eat but struggling to actually do so, apparent abdominal discomfort. Second V-E-T appointment just after noon today to look at test results and plan treatment ... Wong! is rather pent up and needing monkey-play whilst Uncle Boof! is hors de combat.

I did have a good aikido training session last night - Sensei said kind words, and invited me back to the 'advanced' class on Tuesday.

It is raining today, the first significant rain here for over 4 weeks which are usually vital for watering new crops :-)

Going to Pizza Express with Mater and my brother tomorrow, which I hope she can really enjoy. She has new Teva walking sandals, which I'm hoping will support her improving mobility!

Have to go with Mater to the Post Office on Monday to pass the security checks to get her post redirected. She has to give up the lease on her flat, and find a new long-term living arrangement.

So as you can see, my life is a roller-coaster again at the moment, with real highs and lows! May all your lows be short and shallow, and may all your highs be lofty and long! What's going well and what challenges are you facing?

Time to treat myself to nummy weekend breakfast now :-)
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... at updating, sorry.

I'm training again in aikido, which keeps me busy & healthily tired some of the time. But my fitness is still very iffy, so lots of cycling needed too ...

Mater is out of hospital but has to learn to walk again (now making progress with a zimmer frame) & find a new long-term living arrangement. So you can guess that's busy for me too ...

The Flooger is remarkably cheerful given near-death experience earlier in the year (don't like to think how many of the 9 lives now burned) - but still struggling to maintain weight in the face of unstable diabetes & complications.

Trying to get back into the swing of work, after 3+ months of treading water due to persistent colds, being busy for Mater, 10 days of leave etc. Just about caught up on the backlog of routine stuff, need to start doing non-routine stuff!!

Garden developing well. Thanks to heroic support from D, my compost bins are finally near how they should be - moved, rebuilt, dug out, re-layered etc. But we've not had any rain for nigh on a month which in April is a serious problem. Bought another bucket today ...
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I've started taking drop-in classes at the yoga school based near my office reasonably frequently.

The teacher is also a friend,but she is very good at what she does. The style is strong on relaxation exercises, which are already proving very helpful to me. Yes, I did briefly drop off to sleep in the relaxation at the end of class on Saturday!

This is the same teacher who was so good with Mater last month. So when she launches her new timetable later this month, I hope that Mater will be able to start attending regularly with the support of her carers.

For me, well - this style of yoga is much easier to do at your own pace, and in your own time away from the classes, than is the style of aikido I've been following. So this is perfect when I don't have the stamina for aikido (like, the past year ... wail).

There going to be a 12 week course in the new yoga timetable, and I hope that I can take it.

Meanwhile, tonight is the last chance I get to go to an aikido class before October ... if I feel well enough, but I've got the sniffles, a sore throat and slight sore lymph nodes again. This has been going on for ... well, weeks at least, if not months. Every time I start to feel properly well again, and I test my stamina with something like a cycle ride, the cold-like symptoms slink back. Any helpful suggestions for throwing this thing off completely, gratefully received!
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A good solid aikido training session - basic body art techniques (ikkyo, nikkyo, sankyo) for one hour, more advance knife disarming for the second - is excellent therapy after being bullied and assaulted.

More therapy tomorrow, I hope :-)


Jun. 11th, 2009 09:25 pm
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The Flooger is home, smelling strongly of vets and therefore a stranger to Wong! for now. Looks like we will resume medicating him tomorrow evening, as his blood sugar is only slightly elevated now due to hunger strike in prison-hospital.

I am also home from aikido training, which went as well as can be expected given that I'm 14 kg heavier than when I last trained regularly last August before multiple ills.

Good to be back!
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My commute is now taking 35 - 50 mins, depending on weather, traffic lights, other road users and my energy levels ... interesting. Am working tomorrow ... will have day off in lieu later ... will get free lunch plus dinner, honest guv ;-)

Aikido = of the good. Key training point tonight ... hands open and alive ;-)

Weston's bottle-conditioned cider also = of the good.

Mater experimenting with hypnotherapy for relaxation techniques ... watch this space.

Time to soak in a nice hot boof now. Have a good one ..
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Beginners class - with our senior student M's 16 year old daughter V visiting, and D back on the mat for the first time in a long time. Started by practicing irimi-tenkan to avoid and deflect a punch, then added some techniques (kote-gaeshi, juju-nage). After that, the seniors did something else, and the rest of us practiced 'street-smarts'. I think for the benefit of V, we practiced nikkyo, sankyo from 'an unwelcome embrace' (arm around shoulders or waist). Then we practiced two responses to 'two handed front coat grab', by controlling the elbows. That somewhat hammered my knees. D unfortunately split his toe by turning it, so had to sit out the second class, jo basic partner exercises. Little Sensei S got his lip split by a jo tip, too - his uke was mortified. But everyone finished in reasonable spirits and repair.
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I trained again yesterday! This is the first Saturday training session I've made since I had a patella go AWOL on the mat over 2 years ago. W00t! We did aiki-ken exercises, only my second bokken session in nearly as long. But my brain and body remember some of the stuff ... I always feel like the inexperienced youngest member of the shichinin no samurai when we're doing bokken :-)
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Sensei's birthday, so just one class followed by curry! Body art - uchi keiten ikkyo, nikyo, sankyo. My stamina is definitely improving, but it was a humid evening. It was noted that, due to health issues, I've never yet graded ... :-)

Keeping on

Feb. 26th, 2007 09:33 am
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With two bone fide beginners, our Thursday aikido classes are 'back to basics'. My brain and my body are somewhat out-of-phase, with my body remembering the techniques whilst my brain is confused :-) We practiced aiyumiashi, tsukiyashi, ikkyo, nikyo, sumiotoshi in body art with 'little Sensei' S, and the first seven of Chiba Sensei's bokken exercises in 'weapons' with Big Sensei, on Thursday. On Friday, there were only 4 students, and it was C's birthday. C chose to do suwariwaza practice, so I got an intensive hour of tuition with S - who also has knee problems. We focused on my foot-work, and S said I should work most on keeping relaxed during training - for example, I was still tensing my wrist during kotegaeshi :-(

I was told I'd 'done good' all through: making progress, consolidating my knowledge, working hard ...
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Solid technical class with Big Sensei - only the second one since August. I was better able to pace myself as I was the odd student (only have to pick yourself off the floor half as much!).

Read more... )


Feb. 8th, 2007 08:54 pm
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Am a Happy Training Tigron!

We were using ryote dori (two hands to two hands attack) and looked at ikkyo, nikkyo, yonkyo, shionage and tenchinage defences. Points to note: Don't get hung up on the second hand, you can treat it much as ai hanmi (matched single hand attack) or gyaku hanmi (opposite single hand attack) as appropriate; Don't go straight down the line of your partner's centre - protect yourself by turning off the line, and absorbing so you can still see what they're doing!

Good things: My ukemi tended to be comfortable, I think because I was more relaxed (lots of conscious breathing exercises). Still huffing like a heavy smoker, but I made it through the whole class. S Sensei seemed pleased with my achievements, and C Sensei was very encouraging that I should 'take my time and enjoy' getting back to full stamina.

Will I be too shattered to train tomorrow night? We can but wait, and see what my body decides...
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I trained. It was great! Nothing broke on anyone. Everyone who remembered me seemed genuinely pleased I was back. I was rather tired after an hour, but the 20 min walk home helped. My body remembered more than my mind did :-)

Technical details, as far as I can remember )

And so to bed for the foolishly grinning Tigron!
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We have recently regained posession of our aikido mats. They were illicitly 'impounded' by the managers of the building where we used to have our dojo (and we have the court judgement to prove it). Apparently, the mats had been in constant use for the 8 months of their 'imprisonment', but the cleaning ... less constant.

Instead of weapons training this morning, we had mat cleaning.

I cleaned three mats in 1.5 hours. I treated it a little like a bokken exercise - straight back, push up and down with the thighs, bending the knees, long straight motions with the arms ... I'm still shattered :-) And there's still 6 mats left over. And the mats were only 'nearly' clean at the end...

I forsee 'slobbing in front of Dr Who and the Cybermen' in my near future ... and then, a hot bath with G :-)
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This morning, I ache. Although my cycling muscles are whispering, mostly I ache from being thrown around like a rag doll by Smith Sensei during school aikido last evening :-) "Back on the mat" with a thwap :-)

More aikido )
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Oh, the guilt! I just punted my darling Flooger, entirely by accident!

Snippity-snip, as all good cat stories should go... )


Aug. 12th, 2005 01:20 pm
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Just back from a fantastic week doing aikido in Bangor. Mater's week with her cousin was ... no better or worse than she's been recently: some fun, much discomfort. So I need to pitch into preparing for my final teaching practice, whilst she needs to shake loose more help from the medical profession. I got a fair bit of studying done during the afternoon rest period at Summer Camp, but Mater felt none of the promised improvements in her health which were supposed to be developing nicely in response to new medication, by now. So ... we'll both be talking to the doctor on Monday.

Other good things ... the Flooger is delighted to have us home, and is currently purring on my lap (reasonably unusual). My aikido teacher (Sensei, or, 'one who has walked the path ahead') has been promoted to the equivalent of 'full Professor' - his Sensei feels he has nothing more to teach him! We are all set to start aikido training in our new hall. We seem to have made a major breakthrough in selling Mater's old house. D will be home for the weekend, with many tales of Worldcon. I have another Urdu lesson on Sunday.

And it's lunch time :-)


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