May. 29th, 2009 08:02 am
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The Flooger's diabetes is slowly and gently coming under control - we have to take blood tests every 6 hours still.

I am working all weekend, but at an outdoor festival - still gruelling, but at least I'll get plenty of vitamin D.

This is very cool: LeJog - http://www.benlovejoy.com/cycle/tripreports/lejog/
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My commute is now taking 35 - 50 mins, depending on weather, traffic lights, other road users and my energy levels ... interesting. Am working tomorrow ... will have day off in lieu later ... will get free lunch plus dinner, honest guv ;-)

Aikido = of the good. Key training point tonight ... hands open and alive ;-)

Weston's bottle-conditioned cider also = of the good.

Mater experimenting with hypnotherapy for relaxation techniques ... watch this space.

Time to soak in a nice hot boof now. Have a good one ..
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I'm cycling to work in the dawn, and home in the dusk, so I've seen some gorgeously crisp and rosy skies above the jagged built skyline, the exhaust fumes and the concrete.

I'm averaging 40 mins to work, 45 mins home. I doubt I shall improve much on that time. I start on a hill, go over a hill to the city, which is on a hill, and then a bit further north - to the top of the hill. Despite having a 'granny gear', my whole gear set needs extending down about three more notches - I almost come to a halt climbing through the city, and I can feel it in my knees.

Learn about my knees! )

I am nursing viruses today. I realised I was a bit crook at work yesterday, so I took it easy on the way home - time of flight in light traffic, 55 mins. I hope I'll be well enough to cycle on Monday.

I can feel and see my body changing shape in response to this extra 7.5 hours of exercise this week. A crude one-dimensional metric of this complex, multi-dimensional change )


Aug. 2nd, 2005 02:49 pm
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Mater just cycled her bike around the block! Although she's a very experienced cyclist, this is her first time back on the bike since she hurt her back and hip in January. She was terrified ... right up until she got her hands on the bike. Then ... suddenly ... *whoosh*, and she was off! OK, so she felt and looked a little wobbly, but it was a very quiet road, and she managed about 5 mins of coasting and pedalling before she felt whacked out.

She called it 'scary, but another hurdle jumped' :-)))

In other news, we just watched "Buffy vs. Dracula", the series 5 opener, and it seems slightly less silly having seen to the end of S7 (not sure why, it just does). From the S4 finale, "Restless", Buffy's Dream Tara: "Make sure you're ready for Dawn."

G & I have worked out a plan so that I at least get the weekend in Bangor (leaving 08:15 Sat, returning 20:00 Sun). But news from C still awaited - the original full week plan, or some shortened varient, might still be possible... Also, possible progress with the dojo.

Mater's friend B is going to bring a few more of the last bits and pieces which we forgot to collect from Mater's place last week.

I'm back into studying!

So, some good things are happening!


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