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Picture the scene. I own the domain names purpletigron.com and purpletigron.co.uk and I have my Web presence set up on .com

Then a fan tells me that they can't find my Web site with Google - turns out, they're using google.co.uk and setting 'pages from the UK' and searching for 'purpletigron' ... and I'm nowhere!

But I have got purpletigron.co.uk set up to re-direct to the .com site in what I was told was a 'search engine friendly way'.

So why isn't Google spidering under purpletigron.co.uk so my fan can find me with that perverse search of theirs?

Advice gratefully received :-)
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"There are lots of people who are underpaid, but this is one of those instances where people are paid low wages to provide the expertise to people who are often simply not as knowledgable."

"Initiatives in the pipeline to increase the number of pupils taking separate Sciences will have a considerable knock on effect on the workload of Technicians. Technicians are already recognised by professional bodies as the "expert" in the Science Department on practical Science issues, often training teachers in practical techniques and advising on safety, yet we earn less than £10 per hour. This state of affairs needs to remedied quickly if Science Education is to be at the forefront of government policy."


Deadline is 6th March

Please copy to anyone you might know who's interested in the future of science / science education in the UK.
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The UK is currently facing a major science funding crisis, far worse than many of our 'economic competitors'. Fundamental physics is being particularly badly hit.

I have just written to my MP to protest in detail.

These blogs, written by UK professional scientists, give a lot more background:


If you are unimpressed, and you have a UK MP, you might consider writing to them: http://www.writetothem.com/
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A petition against allowing product placement on UK-made TV programmes: http://dmtrk.com/8UC-2HVG-13QNTF-1F6BK-0/c.aspx

(Cripes ... morning again already? Unk. Despite going to bed at 9pm twice in a row, and sleeping through to 7 am both times, I still have a cumulative sleep debt of at least 25% of a night weighing me down.)
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"At 7am on Wednesday 1st July neighbours in a Moss Side street watched in horror as 1 year old Angela, 3 year old twins Bishoy and Anastasia, 7 year old Karin, 10 year old Nardin and their parents Mum, Samah and Dad, Hany Mansour were forcibly removed from their home by a large group of police and immigration officials. ...

"After having twice been let down by law firms who despite being paid up front failed to represent the family at vital hearings, their status was downgraded from asylum seeker to illegal immigrant. This has put them in line for immediate deportation. The family fear for their lives if deported and Mr Mansour would almost certainly be arrested and tortured on his return. ..."

What can be done for them? See: http://vgnwtch.livejournal.com/1264304.html
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Vote for a Change rally
A mix of music, poetry and putting politicians on the spot.
Thu 9 July 2009
6.30 - 8.30pm
Methodist Central Hall (opposite Parliament)
Westminster, London, UK

Find out more: http://www.voteforachange.co.uk/ or http://www.makemyvotecount.org.uk/rallyforachange

"The full details of MPs outside earnings will soon be publicly revealed for the first time. Already over the weekend several high profile MPs (with large parliamentary majorities and lucrative employment beyond Westminster) have announced they won't stand again at the next election - a sign of how damaging these new revelations will likely be."

Coaches from some cities (Oxford, Leicester)and possibly others depending on demand. See http://tinyurl.com/mvdfhk for transport details.

See also Early Day Motion 1681 - "That this House supports the call for a referendum regarding a more proportional voting system for elections to the House of Commons."
http://edmi.parliament.uk/EDMi/EDMDetails.aspx?EDMID=38868&SESSION=899 (and http://tinyurl.com/mo6oo2)
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Was King Offa of Mercia the first powerful Muslim in England? - "his coins have the inscription of the declaration of faith of Islam (There is no god but Allah) in Arabic." UK Islam Awareness Week 2006 will be Mon 20 - Sun 26 Nov.

History: "The sacking of the Muslim city of Lisbon in 1147 during which perhaps 150,000 Muslims were massacred, was largely the work of soldiers from Norfolk and Suffolk."

Future: "IAW aims to create an awareness of Islam in our society by involving everyone throughout Britain, irrespective of their school of thought or group affiliation. Everyone is invited to come forward and join hands in practical efforts to rid Britain of Islamophobia."

Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] fjm for the link.


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