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To: [local]@new.labour.org.uk


I live in XXX constituency. I would like to ask Labour Party candidates in the XXX region about their position on the proposed national ID card and database scheme.

The Labour Government is keen to tell us of the many ways in which they hope such an ID scheme would work. However, any honest security professional will tell you that the key question is: How is it likely to fail?

I urge you to reconsider the issues carefully. A useful source is the book, "Beyond Fear: Thinking sensibly about security in an uncertain world" by leading USA security expert, Bruce Schneier (2003 pub. Copernicus, Springer-Verlag New York ISBN 0-387-02620-7 e.g on Amazon, including excerpts). Schneier particularly addresses national ID systems on p193, and p204-5 (in Chap 13 Identification, Authenticaion and Authorization). I quote:

"In practice, ID cards fail in all sorts of ways. ... The biggest risk of a national ID system is the database. ... Large databases of information always have errors and outdated information. ...

"Given these failure modes, how well to IDs solve the problem [crime, terror]? Not well. They're prone to errors and misuse, and worse yet, they are likely to be blindly trusted even when they are wrong. ...

"What other security problems does the security solution [national ID] _cause_? ... the biggest is identity theft.

" ... ID cards don't solve the problem of identification nearly as well as proponents claim they do ... given that they're enormously expensive in terms of both money and personal freedom, this is not a solution we [the USA] should pursue."

I believe that the ID scheme will become Labour's 'Poll Tax'. Thousands of people have already publicly stated that they will refuse to carry an ID card.

I will never vote for any candidate who supports a national ID card and database scheme.


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Quoting from http://www.no2id.net/ :

"The government claims that 73% of people asked were in favour of ID cards, but two thirds of those same people were not aware of what the introduction of the cards actually involved. Here is a glimpse...


ATTEND an appointment to be photographed, have your fingerprints taken and iris scanned, or be fined up to £2500. Additional fines of up to £2500 may be levied each time you fail to comply until you submit to these procedures.

PROMPTLY INFORM the police or Home Office if you lose your card or it becomes defective, or face a fine of up to £1000. If you find someone else's card and do not immediately hand it in, you may have committed a criminal offence punishable by imprisonment for up to two years or a fine, or both.

PROMPTLY INFORM the National Identity Register of any change of address or face a fine of up to £1000 (you will supply evidence of your previous addresses, not just your current address).

PROMPTLY INFORM the National Identity Register of significant changes to your personal life or any errors they have made or face a fine of up to £1000. You may also be obliged to submit to being re-interviewed, re-photographed, re-fingerprinted and re-scanned, or face a fine.

PAY between £30 and £93 (or more) to be registered, with further charges possible to change your details and to replace a lost or stolen card.

When ID cards were introduced in this country during World War II, they had three functions. By the time they were abolished in 1952 they had 39 administrative uses. So what won't we be able to do without an ID card, according to Government plans? We'll be prevented from renting or selling a home or staying in a hotel. We won't be able to buy a car or a mobile phone; open or use a bank account; travel abroad; register with a doctor; get education; work or run a business; (officially) live or (officially) die..."
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This has been a very mixed week, personally, and politically.

Tony Blair seems to have found 'his Poll Tax' with the ID card/database issue. Lobby a Lord )

[livejournal.com profile] fjm is courageously exploring the implications of UK legislation concerning the so-called 'glorification of terrorism'.

The world seems no nearer to real freedom of speech.

Hospitals and ill health seem to surround me.

But G, D & I, and B&P, have managed to have some good times...

Cat stuff )
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"The government has staved off a backbench rebellion to reverse changes imposed on the controversial ID Cards Bill by peers. Only 20 Labour MPs voted against the government, and the Bill - opposed by the Tories and the Liberal Democrats - was passed by a majority of 31.

MPs also voted to force people to get cards when they apply for passports. ..."

Apparently, the only newspaper to back the Government on this is The Sun. I here credible rumours that Nick Griffin is planning to aggressively push the British National Party agenda on the back of this kind of ill-informed paranoia.

If you have doubts about the ID card and database system which the Labour Party are trying to impose, consider get involved with the struggle against it: http://www.no2id.net/ and http://www.liberty-human-rights.org.uk/ are good starting points.

Director of Liberty, Shami Chakrabarti said:

"ID cards are not the magic bullet against fraudsters, terrorists, and illegal immigrants as the Government proposes - instead it appears that they will target the ninety-odd percent of Britons who wish to drive or travel abroad."
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There will be a mass lobby of parliament against ID cards today between 12 and 1 (see http://www.no2id.net)

Anyone interested in coming, make sure you know your MPs name and meet at the sundial in Old Palace Yard. This can be found at the letter H on the map here:


Anyone working in London, an ideal lunch break :-)


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