Mar. 7th, 2011

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Any advice on treating lumbar spasms? See below.

But first - the Flooger continues to confound the more pessimistic vets, and to do quite well back at home. Course of antibiotics, treating a pancreas infection, now complete. Course of potassium supplements, partly to support appetite, completing tomorrow. Then there's just the long term insulin and kidney medications, plus a distressingly minty antacid liquid, to continue. We're having another check-up on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, my lower back went into spasm - on Saturday morning, when I was reaching into the bread bin for a loaf. Apparently, this isn't uncommon - a more significant aggravating factor leaves the back weakened so that something very minor triggers spasms. I presume that I've mildly strained a muscle in my lumbar region - perhaps through poor posture at my desk, or from walking too far too fast in my new boots, or possible from falling slightly awkwardly in an aikido class a few days beforehand.

I'm currently treating with moderate rest, a little light exercise that doesn't cause discomfort, alternating ice and heat, and ibuprofen to help me sleep.

Back to the good news - our new ADSL2 broadband appears to be markedly better than the advertised ADSL1 performance we were supposed to be getting, and far beyond appalling service we were actually getting since TalkTalk took over Nildram last autumn.


purpletigron: In profile: Pearl Mackie as Bill Potts from Dr Who (Default)

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